Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The best looking rootbeer, ruined!

Me: Oh, do you guys make your own rootbeer?

Waitress: Why yes we do, it's on tap and it's really good.

Me: Great, I'll have a mug of it please.

Waitress: Anything else?

Me: Nope.

Waitress: Alright, I'll be right back with your order.

A few minutes later the waitress returns with a big frosted mug. It is filled to the rim with an extremely dark rootbeer. A three inch head of foam sits at the top, almost boasting about its strength. Wow! It looks sooo good!  She puts down a coaster in front of me and carefully places the glass on top. Then I hear a sound that I was not expecting..."Clink clink." I think to myself, "What was that noise? Hmm, she must have tapped her fingernails on the glass when she let go of it."

I begin to take look at this beautiful creation, no, this masterpiece, this work of art. Then without even noticing, it draws me in closer with a seductive fragrance of anise and wintergreen. As my nose is tantalized, I notice the foam crown beginning to fall down the side of the mug. And was that a sparkle I saw from beneath the head?

It is time, I must taste it!

I pick up the cold mug and bring it to my lips... "Clink clink". and a cold lip.... Nooooo! Now I see it. The worst thing you can do. And you did it to your own draft rootbeer. Does the brewmaster know you did this? What were you thinking? Would you do this to a beer? NO! So why the hell would you do this? Why would you put ice in the rootbeer?

Your mugs are kept in the freezer, the kegs are stored in the fridge. For gods sake, it does not need ice! It's not a from the fountain commercial brand soda pop, it's ROOTBEER, and not just any rootbeer, it's your rootbeer. Show some respect!

Microbrews, restaurants, and whoever else produces and serves their own root beer. I plead of you, please for all things that are holy. Do yourself a favor. Train your servers, teach them, educate them, and insist they don't water down and ruin your product. Give it to me chilled. Give it to me warm. But please, please, PLEASE, no matter how much you think it needs it, DON'T ADD ICE TO THE ROOTBEER!

Thank you.

Steven Allen

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  1. Oh god I totally know what your talking about. make a great draft tast like piss just like that